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How to Increase Security, Reduce Loss with Currency Management Devices

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February 26, 2020

Nearly 40 percent of consumer transactions are made with cash. Cash is convenient. It’s processed quickly during transactions without the need for technology, PINs, or signatures. Here’s the cold, hard fact of cash: the fewer employees who handle it, the lower the risk of security issues and internal losses.

Increased cash exposure leads to theft, counterfeit, and fraud, not to mention simple human errors. So, if your business deals in cash, currency management devices not only save you time and resources, they eliminate a wide range of worries and frustration.

You’ll find cash counting machines in most areas of banks, cash-in-transit companies, and casinos. They are also located in the back offices of most retail operations. Currency management devices are very effective and impressive for such streamlined and compact devices. They count, sort, and total at incredible speed, allowing employees time to attend to customers or other duties. They keep the process simple, quick, efficient, and most importantly, they help keep the cash out of human hands.

Manual cash counting is not only time consuming and filled with flaws, it also opens the door of temptation for even the most honest employee or anyone else who may wander by.

In addition to the potential risk of theft, counterfeit bills are more difficult and time consuming to detect with the human eye as the art of counterfeiting has become more sophisticated. There are many steps you can take to examine bills including checking for size and weight, manually checking the 3D security ribbon, tilting notes to look for color shifting ink, examining the portrait watermark on both sides of the bill, and more. But really, who has time or the confidence to know you got it right? It only makes sense to rely on proven technology to not only sort and count, but also to confirm the authenticity of bills and coins to keep a business free of mistakes and suspicious currency.

So, what are the best devices to keep your business secure? The following should give you an idea of what can work for you.

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Currency Authenticators

These compact devices help determine the authenticity of a bill at the moment you receive it. Used on a countertop, desktop, or in a portable setting, like in a taxi cab, they can detect counterfeit bills in time to return them to your customer or call authorities to follow through on suspicious leads.

Currency Counters

These handy devices not only count currency at lightning speed, they can also check for counterfeit bills. They are available in a range of sizes depending on the amount of currency you’re processing. Advanced currency counters can even read serial numbers while counting.

Coin Counters and Sorters

Small change can add up to big business, but no one has time to sort, count, and handle it all. Retailers, laundries, car washes, amusement operators, banks and credit unions, and vending machine operators rely on coin counters and coin sorters to make their coin handling easier.

Currency Discriminators

On top of counting currency, these devices are cash management workhorses, performing mixed bill value counting, bill stack verification, wrong denomination detection, face verification, and orientation verification. Some also have a thermal printer that prints a detailed receipt.

Another day, another dollar. Each one counted and secure.

The use of currency management devices is more secure and efficient for any kind of business, and in the long run is significantly more cost effective. Your business’s security should be your top concern. Trusting daily cash processes — such as loading ATMs, payments in and out of registers, or the daily closing of tills — to cash management devices and cash counting machines is essential for productivity and peace of mind.

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