TROY M404n MICR Printer 1T/0L/110V

Item No. 01-00860-101

The TROY M404n Security Printer is designed for low volume check printing to help streamline your workflow. Fast printing enables efficiencies in small to medium sized office environments. TROY Security Printers provide the benefit of a locking tray to help protect your high valued prescription, check, transcript and plain paper stock.


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Print secure checks in-house, in one pass. Designed for low volume check printing, the 404 will help streamline your check printing process. With fast printing this solution works with either preprinted or blank check stock. If you’re looking to reduce your fraud risks, this solution will enable you to eliminate stock with a preprinted MICR line to a less expensive, blank check stock.

Print the MICR line, payee, amount, and company details at the point of print. MICR fonts are created specifically for optimal reading and minimal errors, and our toner is high-quality and reliable to meet worldwide banking standard.

Each printer includes a full size, standard yield MICR Toner Secure cartridge, the World’s Most Fraud Resistant MICR Toner, to protect your checks from alteration. The anti-tamper, patented MICR toner features high adhesion to help prevent check scraping and anti-tamper security to prevent check washing.


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