Cisco Meraki MT30

Item No. MT30-HW

Cloud-managed smart automation button. Want to automate common tasks and trigger actions? No problem––just press the button.


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Automation Made Easy

  • Capture a time-stamped MV snapshot
  • Enable/disable MR SSID
  • Toggle on/off MS switch port
  • Send a push, SMS, or email with a custom message
  • Generate webhook alerts

Flexible Alerts

  • Never miss an event with email, SMS, and push notifications
  • Connect to other digital systems with webhook alerts
  • Custom alert thresholds designed to sync with your schedule

Data Logging

  • Button-press events reported immediately to the gateway
  • Onboard storage: 4,000 data points (five days at the default sampling rate)
  • Analyze data your way with .csv, .xls, API, or MQTT export options

Smart Connectivity

  • Automatically connect to MR and MV gateways
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy maximizes battery life
  • Messages are encrypted and authenticated with Cisco Trust Anchor technology

Flexible Mounting Options

  • Wall plate
  • Mounting magnet
  • VHB tape

Power Options

  • One AA battery
  • AC-to-USB-C power adapter
  • USB-C to Ethernet adapter
  • Power rating: 5V; 0.1A

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