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Our Single Feed Scanner Next Day Replacement option increases uptime and keeps your devices (and business) running smoothly. This contract covers a 3 full years of advanced unit exchanged (AUE) for a single fee.

How does it work?

When a device goes down, place a request with the Teksetra team by phone, email, or Service Portal. We’ll ship an identical make and model to your establishment by the next business day. When it arrives, simply place your broken device in the same shipping box and send it back to us. It’s that easy.

After purchase, we will confirm the device and serial number that you would like placed on contract via the email you provide at checkout. If you purchase an eligible scanner at the same time as a contract, we will assign this scanner to the contract.

Terms + Conditions
This contract is 3 years in length. One device per contract. Replacement device is sent with next day shipping, arriving the next business day. Defective device(s) must be returned to Teksetra less than 45 business days after the AUE replacement is issued. Ensure that you do not return the new device just sent to you. If defective device(s) are not returned within the specified timeline, you (or your customer) will be billed for the cost of the unreturned, defective device(s).


Compatible Single Feed Scanners:

Digital Check CX30

Epson CaptureOne

Panini I:Deal

RDM EC6000/EC7000

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