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UV-Clean Frequently Asked Questions


Questions about UV Clean? Download our FAQ sheet below for answers to these frequently asked questions.

  1. How does the UV-Clean solution work?
  2. What triggers the UV-Clean motion sensor and how does the cleaning device know when to start a cleaning cycle?
  3. Can you see the UVC light when it’s cleaning the touch surface?
  4. How long does a UV-Clean disinfecting cycle take and how does a user know when it is “active” vs. “completed”?
  5. How is UV-Clean powered?
  6. Is the nonvisible UVC light hot to the touch during the cleaning cycle?
  7. Will the UV-Clean technology work outdoors?
  8. What UV-Clean products are currently available?
  9. What is the appropriate size UV-Clean solution for my device?
  10. What is the expected life of the UV-Clean unit and how often does it need to be replaced?
  11. What is the warranty on UV-Clean? And is there an extended warranty available?
  12. What UV-Clean solution is recommended for mobile devices?
  13. On the UV-Clean Stand Alone unit, does it clean both sides of the items that are placed on the tray?
  14. How does UV-Clean attach to the tablet, monitor or payment device? Is there a universal mount or customized options?
  15. What colors are the UV-Clean available in?
  16. What are the expected lead times for UV-Clean products?
  17. Is there a UV-Clean solution specific for payment devices?
  18. Where is UV-Clean solution manufactured?
  19. Are there any scientific studies that prove UVC light?

Download the Frequently Asked Questions


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