Why You Should Set Up a Temperature Sensing Device in Your Business

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June 19, 2020

As the private sector resumes operations, public and employee health become the responsibility of business leaders. Implementing technology to help monitor customer and employee health is a critical measure that helps keep communities safe.

How are temperature sensing devices helping businesses reopen safely?

Fever is one of the symptoms of illness that can be tested non-invasively. Many businesses now use temperature sensing devices to check for elevated temperature. The problem with the traditional method of manually testing temperature is that it requires close contact. The employee(s) measuring temperature can expose a large number of coworkers or customers to illness and be overexposed themselves.

Temperature monitoring from a safe social distance.

Temperature sensing kiosks can reduce the risk of contamination by automating temperature measurement. Contact-free testing allows businesses to maintain social distancing. Temperature sensing kiosks can be installed in key access points to help companies, institutions, and venues create a safer environment for everyone.

Learn about Seek Scan™: A temperature sensing device

Seek Scan™ temperature sensing devices can be paired with a PC to become a contact-free temperature testing option.

What is Seek Scan™?

Seek Scan™ is a simple, low-cost, thermal imaging system designed to automate body temperature screening using skin temperature as a proxy. With ±0.3°C (±0.5°F) accuracy and the inclusion of a reference heat source, Seek Scan™ delivers the same performance as an infrared temporal thermometer – but automated from a safe social distance.

Seek Scan distance BLM Technologies

NOTE: Seek Scan™ does not diagnose the COVID-19 virus or other diseases, illnesses or disorders. The system measures skin temperature to estimate body temperature, similar to an infrared temporal thermometer. Seek Scan™ does not measure body temperature.



How difficult is it to integrate Seek Scan™ with existing business operations?

Affordable and easy-to-use, this temperature-sensing kiosk doesn’t require specialized training to operate. While tech-savvy individuals may have no trouble setting up the device themselves, our technicians are happy to help with installation to make sure everything goes smoothly.

How does Seek Scan™ align with current practices and standards?

Seek Scan meets FDA guidelines for initial body temperature assessment during the coronavirus Public Health Emergency. Per the FDA guidelines released in April 2020, Seek Scan meets the accuracy specification, includes a reference heat source and is designed for single person screening. Any system that does not have a reference heat source does not follow the FDA guidelines published in April 2020, despite manufacturer claims. Further, these guidelines require the system to measure only one subject’s temperature at a time. Many systems on the market today measure multiple people in a space.

Seek Scan™ is manufactured in the USA and is NDAA compliant.

What are some of the advantages of temperature testing with Seek Scan™?

  • Same performance as a temporal thermometer – but with a safe social distance
  • Specifically designed and calibrated for skin temperature measurement
  • Uses a reference heat source for high accuracy
  • Thermal imaging has been tested, studied and deployed globally for years in skin temperature measurement applications.
  • Priced significantly lower than other thermal screening solutions
  • Perfect for lobbies, hallways and other key access points
  • Easy to operate

How fast does Seek Scan™ test temperature?

In seconds, the system automatically detects a face, finds the most accurate spot to measure, and displays a pass/fail alert. A visual and audible alert is provided if someone is warmer than the customizable alarm temperature.

What additional equipment is required to set up a Seek Scan™ temperature sensing kiosk?

Temperature testing can be set up in minutes with two tripods and a Windows PC. No special equipment or training required. If you’re unsure about setting it up by yourself, our experts are happy to help!

How does Seek Scan™ temperature sensing device work?

Seek Scan™ is specifically designed and calibrated to deliver accurate skin temperature measurements while enabling social distancing protocols. In seconds, the system automatically detects a face, identifies the most reliable facial features for measurement, and displays an estimated body temperature.

Unlike typical industrial thermal cameras, Seek Scan™ was developed for precise temperature measurement and maximizes accuracy by referencing a fixed heat source with a known temperature value. Seek’s patent-pending heat source allows Seek Scan℠ to achieve much higher accuracy than a standard thermal imaging camera designed for industrial use.

The Seek Scan process provides an additional layer of preventive screening and can deliver more peace of mind to businesses, institutions and participants.

Seek Scan Temperature Screening BLM Technologies

Perfect for indoor use in:

  • Small, Medium & Large Businesses
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Schools & Daycare
  • Gyms & Sports Facilities

What is the difference between skin temperature and body temperature testing?

  • Seek Scan measures skin temperature as a proxy for body temperature.
  • Skin temperature is typically a few degrees less than body temperature. Similar to an infrared temporal thermometer, Seek Scan℠ uses skin temperature to provide an estimated body temperature.
  • Seek Scan℠ is programmed to measure the most reliable parts of the face to produce the best results with high accuracy.
  • A person’s skin temperature may vary based on a variety of circumstances such as ambient temperature, sweat and eyewear. For this reason, Seek Scan℠ is intended for indoor use only and in environmentally controlled rooms.
  • Distance is critical to performance. It’s important to mark the floor with tape or decals to ensure all subjects are measured from the exact same distance and while positioning the subject next to the heat source.

Tips for optimal performance

  1. Subjects should look directly at the camera during measurement.
  2. Set up your screening area with the camera pointed at the Heat Source in front of a wall. This will help create a flat thermal background and allow for faster scan times and more reliable readings. Warm objects in the background that are near a person’s skin temperature or warmer than 40°C (104°F) may reduce system performance.
  3. After set up, measure and confirm the distance from the Heat Source to the Camera is no further than 5 feet (1.5 meters).
  4. We recommend marking the ground with tape or floor decals to ensure all subjects are measured from the exact same distance and while positioning the subject next to the Heat Source.
  5. For more consistent readings, ensure the subject’s eyes are clearly exposed by removing any eyewear. Subjects wearing a face mask should pull it down slightly and subjects wearing a hat should lift the brim to fully expose the eyes.

Seek Scan example BLM Techologies

What equipment is part of the Seek Scan™ temperature sensing system?

  • Camera
  • Camera USB-A Cable
  • Fixed Heat Source
  • Fixed Heat Source Power Cable
  • USB Stick with Seek Scan Software
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty

With the Teksetra complete package, you also receive:

  • Win 10 NUC
  • 23″ Monitor
  • Wireless Mouse And Keyboard
  • (2) Tripods
  • 6-Outlet Surge Protector
  • Necessary Cables
  • Complete Installation And System Testing

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  • System is made for indoor use in environmentally controlled rooms
  • Not for sale in countries requiring governmental approval or for purchase by military users. Please ask your sales representative for the latest information, as specs are subject to change.
  • Seek Scan is not intended to detect or diagnose Coronavirus disease (Covid-19 disease).

Respond effectively to safety concerns when you reopen.

Using a temperature-sensing device is a fast, accurate, and affordable way to help protect customer and employee health. Simple setup, instant notification, and contact-free temperature testing make Seek Scan™ the ideal choice for operating businesses safely.

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