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Returning to the Office: How to Keep Your Employees Safe

Blog Post
March 11, 2022

As businesses begin drawing workers back to the office, they’re having to contend with a number of obstacles. Many people are hesitant to return to work on-site, either because they’ve grown comfortable working remotely, are worried about the spread of illness, or otherwise. Thankfully, companies can take some relatively straightforward steps to help ensure a smooth return to office (RTO) process. Here are some key tips for helping employees feel safe.

Clean and Sanitize Office More Often

One of the most basic ways to ensure employee health and safety is by cleaning your office equipment. It should come as no surprise that frequently-touched surfaces are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, so you should aim to clean things as much as possible. Be sure to wipe down doorknobs and tables, but also computer equipment, primarily if it’s used by more than one person each day. In addition, you might consider adding UV devices that disinfect equipment or steam cleaning hard floors and shampooing carpets.

Regularly cleaning your office space cannot only kill germs but offer employees greater peace of mind. The pandemic has highlighted the need for clean workspaces, and people, in general, have become much more conscious of cleanliness, both at home and in public. This is why it’s so important to adopt new and improved measures to ensure that your office is clean at all times. People may be more willing to return to workspaces that they know are regularly sanitized.

Optimize Your Office Layout

RTO is the perfect time to revamp your office space. You may, for example, install a reception area through which you can control access to your office. Guests might be asked to undergo a temperature check at the reception desk to ensure bugs don’t make their way into your workspace. You could also designate a spot for collaboration, allowing employees to work in close proximity while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

There are several ways you can rearrange your office layout for best use, and you may want to play around with different ideas before something sticks. Your layout should promote social distancing, but it should also allow workers to move between stations. The space should be easy to navigate and help keep people organized. This is also a great way to avoid clutter and overcrowding.

Prioritize Ventilation

It’s essential to keep your workspace adequately ventilated. Central air systems suck the moisture from the air and facilitate the spread of germs through air ducts, so it’s a good idea to open a window here and there and create an air passage through which fresh air can enter the building. Make sure that your HVAC system is functioning correctly, as dirty filters can cause pollution and accelerate the spread of germs.

Performing regular maintenance on your heating and cooling systems can allow maximum ventilation and keep things running smoothly. It’s a good idea to inspect your ventilation systems and spot issues before they become an even bigger problem.

Consider a Hybrid or Remote Work Environment

Even with safety protocols in place, some employees may not feel ready to return to the office, at least not on a full-time basis. Businesses should remain open to hybrid and remote work options and consider letting people work from home for as long as they wish. This can limit the spread of disease within your workspace and reduce crowding and allow those working in the office greater access to equipment.

COVID may be on its way out the door, but remote work is not. In fact, 25% of professional jobs in North America are expected to be remote by the end of 2022, with that figure increasing in 2023 and beyond. As such, businesses that wish to remain competitive and attract top talent should be flexible with hybrid and remote work, not only for the sake of social distancing but convenience all around.

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