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Three Key Ways to Reduce IT Infrastructure Spending

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August 28, 2020

The pandemic changed everything about how organizations operate, forcing fundamental business infrastructures to evolve. Companies are making significant investments in technology to ensure business continuity. Meanwhile, IT specialists work overtime to solve unfamiliar challenges with countless moving parts to ensure employees can remain productive both in-office and remotely. Between new equipment expenses and personnel hours, IT budgets are critically constrained. Without careful IT budget management, many businesses may suffer irreparable damage. Here are three key ways to help companies navigate these troubled waters to reduce IT infrastructure spending and recoup losses:

1. Vendor Consolidation

Vendor consolidation, sometimes referred to as supplier consolidation, is a supply chain management strategy designed to maximize profitability by reducing the number of vendors with which your organization does business. In turn, this may save money and mitigate unnecessary time spent on managing partnerships. With this strategy, companies focus their resources on a small group of well-trusted vendors instead of spreading resources across various vendors. In some cases, a single trusted partner that can help tackle all their business needs. While the single-partner model isn’t for every situation, vendor consolidation has many benefits that ensure business expense reduction.

2. Contract Maintenance

Companies can also reduce IT infrastructure expenses by switching from break-fix IT support to managed IT service maintenance contracts. Break-fix IT companies typically charge by the hour to provide case-by-case IT support if a device malfunctions. While this may seem convenient for companies that only encounter the occasional IT challenge, the primary drawback is that technicians only fix the current problem, and don’t proactively diagnose or fix other imminent IT challenges. Opting for a maintenance contract with a trusted partner is a much more cost-effective solution. Companies can gain peace of mind with a contract by creating a regular maintenance schedule. A dedicated team of IT professionals will monitor, optimize, and proactively service company technology within a consistent monthly cost. These IT professionals are well versed in both on-site and depot repair solutions, making it easy for your organization to get repair services that fit its needs.

3. Supplemental Project Support

Even the savviest IT departments can use additional project support. Supplemental project support aims to pass tedious or complex IT responsibilities onto a third-party so that a company’s loyal in-house specialists can focus bandwidth on critical company initiatives. IT project support saves time, money, and stress by decreasing overtime pay, reducing employee burnout, and maximizing in-house efficiency. Consider choosing an experienced partner with a track record of successful project management support. Some support partners also provide total project management support to help companies complete projects on time, within scope, and on budget. They might even offer vendor recommendations, equipment recommendations as well as logistics solutions.

Technology and IT services are critical in supporting the rapid transformation of business operations. These three key infrastructure improvements are sure to help your company maximize its IT budget as the world collectively navigates the business challenges of COVID-19.For additional resources and help reducing business expenses, contact Teksetra for technology management, support, and fulfillment services.

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