How to Make Your Equipment or Office Relocation a Seamless Transition

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July 2, 2020

Moving from one office location to another is often a logistical nightmare. Between multiple locations, hundreds of devices, and short timelines, a move quickly becomes difficult to align. It can be especially daunting to entrust your IT equipment to a standard moving company: Will your assets be handled and reassembled appropriately?

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Relocation Best Practices

Every move is different, and success is dependent on careful consideration and planning. The first step is hiring the correct type of professionals. Movers who aren’t familiar with technology may handle sophisticated equipment without care (and create more problems than solutions.) In contrast, relocation specialists with an IT background will know that technology is an investment vital to your business’s efficiency. For planning purposes, it is also crucial to define a timeline with your moving professionals upfront. Businesses often need to relocate a fleet of equipment or an entire office on a tight deadline, and movers who are unqualified or ill-prepared may damage or misplace equipment parts. Any unnecessary downtime on account of a move can mean lost business. To ensure prompt and correct equipment relocation, Teksetra maintains a nationwide outsourcing program to help companies seamlessly transition from one location to another.

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Teksetra’s outsourcing program is comprised of on-demand, highly specialized, on-site repair, maintenance, and IT service technicians. These individuals have considerable experience in facilitating office moves and equipment relocations.

This nationwide pool of professionals provides companies with maximum geographic flexibility and the ability to manage a multi-location move with ease. Teksetra’s program features a rigorous qualification process and 18-point background check for each of its technicians to ensure they are experts that can correctly disconnect, move, and install equipment of all sizes –– even ATMs.

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Relocation, explained.

Teksetra makes the office relocation process easy. Each relocation is handled carefully with tailored, flexible, and reliable on-site service and support to help companies save time and money. With just one call, companies can get their equipment, team, and business back up and running in no time.

Teksetra’s services meet the needs of a variety of customers –– from large corporations with thousands of devices to SMBs with just a few hundred. There is simply no comparison to Teksetra service.

Where to begin?

Before diving into a move, we recommend some preliminary preparations. To help plan for equipment relocation, check out this handy how-to guide featuring considerations such as timeline, budget, documentation, and more. Once you are familiar with the basics, use this checklist to help keep on track with the move. Then make a call to BLM to simplify your relocation management process.

View the Office Relocation Checklist

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