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Improve Employee Experience with Technology

Blog Post
December 9, 2021

Creating a positive employee experience helps reduce burnout, increase productivity, and boost company culture in general.

While you certainly need to have the right values and mission in place, many technological solutions help improve your employee experience.

Here are some of the best ways to create a healthier workplace for both office and remote workers.

Implement Digital Signage

A straightforward way to improve the employee experience is with digital signage. Digital signage is precisely as the name suggests: displaying essential information on a digital screen. For example, you could share the latest COVID-19 health and safety policies, reminders for hand-washing, bulletins of company news, or employee highlights. The possibilities are endless for leveraging digital signage.

How does this improve the employee experience? For one, these signs are far more engaging. Therefore, they will catch your employee’s attention and ensure they receive the key information. This is important whether you are sharing important safety information or highlighting team members.

Furthermore, digital signage can help reduce time-consuming tasks for employees when digital signs are used to communicate with customers/clients. Digital signs can display key information so that employees do not have to spend the time giving the information to customers.

Create a Productive Environment with Sound Masking

Noise interrupts our productivity. At work, there can be a lot of distractions. From coworkers chatting to construction outside, there can be a ton of noise to tune out. A University of California Irvine study found that productivity drops by up to 40% due to noise and distractions. Workplace noise is a serious issue that impacts the productivity and overall well-being of employees.

One of the best ways to improve their experience and create a productive workspace is with sound masking. While it may not always be possible to sound-proof your office space, you can create a less distracting environment with sound masking.

Sound masking uses a simple background noise (white noise or pink noise) to disguise other noises. Since sound masking evenly distributes across a space, it helps block out other noises without distracting itself. Planar loudspeakers are an excellent option for sound masking. They are easy to install, and you need very few of them to provide effective sound masking.

Health and Safety with Thermal Scanning

Employees need to feel safe at work. As many businesses return to in-person and hybrid office setups, thermal scanning is an efficient way to keep your team safe.

Thermal scanning is an accurate, fast way to measure body temperature. Fever is a primary symptom of COVID-19, as well as other illnesses. The easy-to-use devices will measure the temperature of employees and customers before they enter, helping to identify those at risk for illness.

Meraki Smart Cameras for Security and Safety

One tool that can help improve security monitoring for all employees, remote or in the office, is the Meraki Smart Camera. These are cloud-based cameras that integrate with a wide range of work environments. They are fast and easy to deploy from the box, adjusting to your setting remotely. These cameras are built for security, with automatic data encryption at each step.

You can use them to monitor foot traffic and more. This helps your organization stick to any capacity limits, track how many people come and go, and assess top-performing displays. Essentially, the Meraki Smart Cameras make work much easier for your team while also helping you stick to any necessary safety guidelines.

Improve the Work Environment with Environmental Sensors

Ensure the optimal working conditions with Merkari Environmental Sensors. The sensors allow you to monitor and control the environment, including HVAC processes remotely. This helps you ensure the best working environment while also reducing your carbon footprint.

When employees are comfortable, they will be more satisfied and able to work better. Optimizing workplace conditions is an excellent way to ensure the best possible employee experience.

Teksetra is Here to Help

Improve your employee experience today with the help of Teksetra. We offer all of the technology solutions above and more to help you create a safe, secure, and productive work environment. We offer a wide range of solutions and services, including audiovisual, hardware, IT, and more. Whether you are interested in sound masking, environmental sensors, or another solution, we are here to help. As proud partners of Meraki, we can also ensure you get the right cameras, environmental sensors, and more.

Learn more about how Teksetra can help your organization improve employee experience today. Contact our experts here!

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