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The Secret To Getting Fast On-Site Repair Anywhere

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November 19, 2020

If you’re a business owner, you’ve invested in equipment and technology to grow your business and to keep your customers happy.

Dealing with equipment downtime and complicated, time-consuming break-fix solutions can be costly and frustrating. What if there was a better way?

What are the options for a business with a fixed labor staff to get quick and effective repairs done by certified technicians anywhere in the country? The best solution may not be as difficult as you think it would be.

The old way on-site repair was handled.

It used to be that businesses faced many obstacles to getting an affordable and fast on-site repair. First, warranties and manufacturers guidelines had to be found and followed. Second, certified technicians had to be hunted for in the phone book or through a manufacturer’s referral. For businesses outside of metropolitan areas, finding a qualified person to perform an on-site repair was nearly impossible. Meanwhile, the broken equipment sits, costing a company more money–without a solution in sight.

On-site now means every site.

Fortunately, there is a solution to flexible and fast on-site repair for any business. The secret to Teksetra’s ability to offer its convenient on-demand service anywhere in the country is contained in one word: location.

With strategically placed certified service centers across the US, these convenient service centers are capable of dispatching qualified and experienced technicians to any business location–often within four hours of a simple service call being placed.

Is on-site repair affordable anywhere in the United States?

It sounds too good to be true, the ability to make one phone call, and have a certified technician with years of experience on your exact brand of broken device dispatched to your location within hours. These tech professionals will assess, repair, and replace broken equipment, but that must be a luxury only fortune 500 corporations can afford, right? Wrong!

On-site repair service through a service plan is often up to 50% less expensive than other traditional repair methods. With flexible service plans to fit any size business and budget, any company can feel that their break-fix solutions don’t have to break the bank.

The ease and scalability of Teksetra’s on-site repair service come from its focus on logistics. We have established hubs in all 50 states staffed with rigorously vetted technicians proficient in every make, model, and type of repair for computers, printers, laptops, scanners, and digital screens.

This program was designed to make emergency repair a priority. It is backed by a 24/7, 365-day call monitoring and tracking service. Service calls can also be placed via one phone call, an email, or through Teksetra’s secure online hub.

Having over 10,000 technicians ready to deploy to anywhere in the United States at a moments notice can make a massive difference in shortening critical equipment downtime.

What if I don’t own my equipment?

Companies who employ vendor-supplied machines are still eligible for on-site repair. We can also service products whether they are in or out of warranty. Our certified technicians have experience troubleshooting and assessing every unique business need and provide services regardless of whether the product is company or vendor owned.

How does a typical on-site repair with Teksetra work?

When critical equipment goes down, a business needs to only complete one service request to Teksetra, by toll-free calling, email or using a secure web portal any time, any day of the year.

That service call leads to the dispatch of local vetted technicians who arrive quickly to assess the product needing repair and provide the necessary parts and service to get equipment running again. On-site technicians are also trained to troubleshoot software solutions and provide solutions that allow businesses to proactively schedule the deliveries of essential maintenance, parts, and equipment that help avoid future breakdowns.

This is how on-site repair should be.

Businesses looking to have an on-site repair option that takes the pressure off of in-house IT staff and saves the company bottom line should look for a service provider capable of providing the following:

  • Customizable agreements
  • Rapid qualified technician deployment
  • Convenient on-site service with comprehensive hardware and software assessment
  • Fast and affordable break-fixes

Quick turn, customizable on-site repair is no longer the luxury of big city corporations. Every business, anywhere in the country can now get any make, model, and type of office equipment fixed with one call by one company. That’s how on-site repair works at Teksetra.

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