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How to Promote Employee Health and Safety During COVID-19

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June 9, 2020

Unsure how you’re going to keep employees and customers safe as your business reopens? Employee health and safety is a top priority for companies as state and city governments lift sanctions on public gatherings. But who do you effectively monitor health while promoting calm and productivity?

Several organizations have already put sanctions in place, such as:

  • Mask and glove requirements
  • Reduced building capacity
  • Floor markers to encourage social distancing
  • One-way flow through traffic areas
  • Continual cleaning

These guidelines certainly won’t harm individuals’ health and safety, but what if you want to do more? As the pandemic has unfolded, innovators have created brilliant technology to address these needs.

Thermal Imaging Kiosks

Thermal imaging technology translates heat into visible light in order to analyze surroundings. Both living things and mechanical equipment emit heat; thus, this technology has many applications. Thermal imaging is utilized by first responders to identify individuals in danger and by home inspectors to note breaches in HVAC systems.

How is thermal imaging helping business owners minimize the spread of COVID-19?

Thermal imaging can also be used more precisely to measure an individual’s temperature. And by setting an approved range of standard healthy temperatures, the technology can detect potential fevers. This feature is pertinent now more than ever.

Businesses around the world have adopted this technology to the form of a kiosk: Most stand around 5 feet tall and use a camera and screen to identify those with elevated temperatures.

Thermal imaging kiosk

Test temperature and social distance

Some essential businesses have measured employees’ temperatures on a daily or bi-daily basis to ensure the health of the company. While this method is likely just as accurate as thermal imaging, it places the tester at risk. Even while wearing masks, the CDC does not recommend close personal distance with non-co-habitants at this time.

Easy and non-invasive

While some temperature reading devices require special training, many of the thermal imaging kiosks on the market today are easy to use. Anyone at your company can be trained to follow the simple directions. Furthermore, thermal imaging is non-invasive, a feature that maintains sanitary conditions for everyone involved.

Explore thermal imaging devices

UV Light to Disinfect

While you’ve likely only heard about UV rays concerning the sun, there are many uses for this type of light: Forged banknote detection, curing of materials such as inks and coatings, and club lighting. Hospitals have long used UV lamps to sterilize surgical equipment and air before procedures.

In regards to viruses, UV light inactivates microorganisms at the cellular level, preventing them from multiplying. This method ultimately prevents the spread of infection with a 99.9 percent eradication of bacteria, viruses, and molds.

How is UV light disinfection beneficial for business owners to minimize the spread of COVID-19?

Save your equipment

With the current cleaning protocols, you’ve likely been using bleach wipes on your payment terminals, touchscreens, and other shared devices.

The downside? Excess moisture can seep into device crevices, taking your equipment out of commission long before it should be. Not to mention, the harsh chemicals can have adverse effects on screens.

By implementing UV light to clean your devices, you can regularly disinfect your inventory without damage.

Sanitize safely with UV light

Save on workforce

As businesses reopen, it’s become apparent that extra cleaning takes timeā€”and employees. And some organizations simply don’t have the human resources to do it all.

The solution? Use UV-C non-visible light to disinfect your devices automatically. This technology attaches to payment solutions, drive-thru handles, and more to make cleaning easy.

How is your business planning to reopen? Do you know how you’ll protect employee and customer health while promoting continuity? Contact us to discuss how technology can augment your plan.

Promote pandemic safety in your facility

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