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COVID-19 Response Solutions


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Response Solutions

It’s no secret: COVID-19 is changing customer behavior. In the past, discussions around customer friction often pointed to the benefits of contactless payments. Now, it’s critical to identify customer friction through a new lens. To stay afloat in this new world, retailers must implement hygienic practices, rerouted facility traffic flows, physical barriers, and more.

Customer Behavior By the Numbers

So, how has the pandemic influenced customer behavior and expectations? Significantly, according to consumer behavior data from McKinsey & Company.

A reported 76 percent of consumers have adopted new shopping behaviors, and more than 70 percentage aren’t engaging in normal out-of-home activities. Furthermore, 16 percent have tried a new brand due to better health and hygiene measures.

With customers shifting their shopping habits and being more selective about where they visit, businesses must adapt to meet their expectations. After all, the safer and healthier customers feel, the more likely they are to visit in person.

The Importance of Health + Safety

When it comes to choosing which businesses to frequent, consumers are now on the lookout for visible signs of safety, including masks and physical barriers. In fact, safety measures have become a top priority for a majority of customers.

Solutions for Customers’ Peace of Mind

The most successful businesses realize that improving customer experience and employee satisfaction requires more than simply meeting these new expectations. To go the extra mile and ensure the safety and comfort of all customers and employees, many have turned to technology for reliable, effective, and efficient solutions.

Teksetra offers a variety of COVID-19 response solutions that can significantly improve the safety of visitors and employees, enhance consumer perception, and even boost customer loyalty.

Temperature Screening Kiosks

No-contact temperature screening is a simple, reliable, and cost-effective way to create a safer environment for your business. Learn more about why you should implement this technology here.

Countertop Shields

For areas where high-traffic, close-proximity interaction is a must, durable countertop shields provide an easily sanitized protective barrier.

Technology Mounts

These simple, future-proof, and adaptable mounts provide convenient, social-distancing-friendly access to payment terminals, checkout technology, and even hand sanitizer dispensers.


This chemical-free disinfecting solution uses UV-C light to eradicate harmful organisms from high-touch technologies, such as payment terminals, monitors, keyboards, and self-checkout areas.

Digital Signage

Protocols, requirements, and policies are always changing. Digital signage is an eye-catching way to update your customers with the latest information. Pair with UV-Clean for a safe, interactive experience.

PPE Kit Fulfillment

Having the personal protective equipment you need is critical to your business’s ability to operate. Our team can store, kit, and ship your PPE from our dedicated fulfillment center to each of your facilities on-demand.

Installation, Repair + Relocation

Getting the on-site and off-site support you need during COVID-19 can be a challenge. Our highly trained team is committed to providing the help you deserve while observing safety guidelines.

Teksetra offers a variety of COVID-19 response solutions, as well as a wide range of technology services, including IT support, project services, audiovisual solutions, sound masking, and hardware support.

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