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Why You Should Adopt Contactless Repair for Your Business Equipment

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October 13, 2020

Does your business have a plan for equipment maintenance and repair? Let’s face it; at some point, equipment failure is inevitable. Between all the monitors, hard drives, servers, printers, scanners, and other technology you use every day, eventually, parts will break, wear out, or malfunction and require repair. From established corporations to emerging startups, a business’s challenge is serving the customer and executing core business objectives. To do so, you need functioning technology. Equipment malfunctions can disrupt business operations, stall productivity, and cause costly service interruptions that lose revenue. With equipment downtime, time is of the essence. The problem is that many companies don’t have the time, money, resources, or expertise to meet the demand for repairs.

Furthermore, COVID-19 has created the additional challenge of social distancing. Fewer companies are welcoming repair technicians into their facilities. The solution to these issues is nationwide contactless repair.

What is Contactless Repair?

Contactless repair, also known as depot repair, is a service that allows businesses to ship malfunctioning equipment to a certified repair facility. The repair technicians then diagnose all possible equipment faults, repair the issues, and ship the technology back in working order. This service allows you to forego meeting an onsite technician to have your equipment repaired. Partnering with a reputable contactless repair service provider offers many other advantages as well:

1. Reduce Waste and Save Costs

A false assumption that some companies make is that it’s easier to buy new and throw away impaired equipment than repair it. This is both financially and environmentally irresponsible and unsustainable. Repairing an existing appliance is far less expensive than replacing it. Furthermore, certified OEM repair providers ensure that fixed devices function as good or better than new. Additionally, if the equipment becomes obsolete, contactless repair technicians are trained to recycle equipment responsibly and correctly, which removes the burden of equipment disposal from the customer.

2. Save Time and Labor

IT departments are busy enough without having to handle repairs. Not to mention, many IT departments don’t receive training to repair things like check scanners, document scanners, receipt printers, etc. It’s best to find a contactless repair service provider who is OEM certified to repair specific equipment. OEM-certified repair providers utilize sophisticated diagnostic equipment that accurately tests equipment to evaluate why a part failed and have years of experience. Contactless repair helps ensure efficient and correct maintenance.

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3. Scheduled Maintenance and Reduced Downtime

Contactless repair service providers customize service contracts to fit your schedule and your needs. This ensures improved equipment uptime that fits within your timeline. For example, Teksetra offers an Advanced Unit Exchange (AUE) program where customers can receive a replacement device the next business day and ship in the broken unit later.

4. Declutter

Why take on the burden of storing defective equipment? Equipment that is out of service clutters offices and takes up valuable space. It’s wise to coordinate with a contactless repair partner with the infrastructure to handle repairs and maintain ample storage space. This type of partner can help you effectively manage inventory to accommodate your future growth and demand needs.

5. Safe Equipment Handling and Cleaning

In our current era, there is always the question of safety. Contactless repair centers follow CDC guidelines to ensure their facilities and equipment are cleaned regularly and require employees to take adequate precautions to uphold health safety.

Why Carry The Burden Of Repair Services?

Contactless repair works best when you have a contract with a partner that you know and trust. BLMTech holds OEM certifications with all the leading brands, supports most makes and models, and carries experience with countless industries.

With more than 40 years of depot repair service experience, repairing scanners, printers & other technology hardware, Teksetra is equipped to handle everything from cosmetic fixes to the most intricate board-level repairs. Teksetra technicians are factory-trained to ensure repair competency at the highest level. All facilities are monitored for security and include redundancies to ensure backups.

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