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How to Choose a Temperature Screening Kiosk

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December 1, 2020

Have you been tasked with finding a quality temperature screening kiosk for your business? It’s vital to find a model that fits your needs—and actually works. Like any project, start by identifying your objectives.

Are you looking for a simple temperature scanner, or would you like extra features like facial recognition or email alerts? How about an RFID card reader?

Lastly, what is your one non-negotiable? Consider quality, cost, ease of use, or reliability. With this information in mind, you’ll be more prepared to find the correct solution.

Scanning Method

There are a variety of methods on the market for assessing body temperature. Some of the personal use devices are the ear thermometer, under-the-tongue method, and handheld temperature scanning device. Temperature screening kiosks are beneficial for business use, as these hands-free technologies don’t require an administrator.

Technologies like the Seek Scan measure body temperature using FLIR (forward-looking infrared) against a fixed heat source. This thermal baseline helps the device more accurately measure temperature. Thermal imaging cameras like these meet FDA guidelines for an initial body temperature assessment.

For those that prefer body surface temperature screening, look no further than the FirstLine scanner. Users place their wrist on the temperature measurement tool, and it identifies an elevated temperature via the surface of the skin.

Other types of surface temperature scanners work from a distance. The BioScan temperature scanner, for example, employs a sensor mounted to a tablet to assess temperature. This user-friendly thermal sensor provides fast, accurate body temperature scans.

Extra Features

Are you interested in a multi-use temperature sensor? Check out this list of possible features to see what resonates with your business needs.

  • Email Alerts: When the temperature scanner identifies an elevated temperature, it sends an alert to the identified administrator.
  • User Image Capture: In tandem with email alerts, some devices can capture the potentially ill individual’s image. However, you may need to consider HIPAA guidelines with this feature.
  • NFC + RFID Card Reader: Integrate a temperature check into your building access control with this feature. Unless the employee completes the check, they cannot enter. And if they test at an elevated temperature, they are also barred from entry.
  • Facial Matching + Card Access: Increase your building security using facial recognition technology. This helps you identify that only employees and approved individuals are scanning in and entering the building.
  • Contact Tracing: Some devices allow you to program in a list of questions in collaboration with the skin temperature check. Many organizations are opting to include COVID-19 questions to help identify the source of disease in a community.
  • Remote Management Software: Remote management software takes email alerts a step further. With this technology, you can pull reporting on all collected data points and customize the processes to fit your needs.


A small but crucial piece in choosing an infrared thermometer is the way in which the device is mounted. Some temperature sensing kiosks may be too tall for children or people who use wheelchairs. This is where a wrist-height scanner would be more appropriate, or a low wall-mounted scanner.

Implement Temperature Scanning at Your Business

We hope this short guide helps you in your decision to implement an IR thermometer into your place of business. While the process can be daunting, the result is worthwhile: You are adding an extra layer of protection for your employees and guests. With accurate thermal technology to detect high temperatures, these products help your company reduce the risk of potentially infected people entering your facility. Contact our team to learn more about how Teksetra can help.

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