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Why Business Need to Adopt Automated Point-of-Sale Systems (POS)

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June 2, 2020



This generation of consumers is obsessed with fast and efficient transactions. This obsession gave rise to the development of automated point-of-sale (POS) systems, one of the fastest-growing financial technologies today.

Here is how a POS system can help you build a future proof business.

Streamline Inventory Management

One of the most significant advantages of an automated POS system is its automatic inventory tracking. This feature alone presents many benefits, as staying on top of inventory management can help you avoid losing stocks, anticipate demand, and ultimately deliver better service to your customers. Instead of manually keeping stock of inventory using a spreadsheet, Small Business suggests automating inventory management with a POS system. It’s like having an extra intelligent employee on site. This decision saves time and gives you a more insightful overview of your inventory, which can inform your long-term business strategy.

More Customer Control Means Better Customer Satisfaction

In the world of quick-serve restaurants (QSRs), automated POS systems have shown great promise in the growing trend of self-service ordering. By allowing customers more control in the ordering experience, QSRs have observed a higher customer satisfaction rate, even though little human interaction is required. Why? POS systems that provide self-service ordering streamlines order customization and prevents human error in processing orders, ultimately resulting in improved customer service.

POS Systems Can Scale Alongside Your Business

POS systems are highly flexible, offering a variety of viable set-ups for different business models and practices. While some systems require the purchase and use of specialized payment devices, many can run on common smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re a new small business or an experienced large-scale retail company, there’s a POS system that can be scaled to your specific needs, whatever your budget may be. Apart from providing the benefit of business flexibility, the affordability of modern automated POS systems is also indicative of their popularity, ease-of-use, and rapid development – which brings us to our next point.

The Future is Wireless

POS systems are part of the wireless revolution, a tech wave that hinges on certain rapidly developing key technologies such as printed circuit board (PCB) antennas. Altium’s overview of PCB antenna design software notes how the technology is similarly integral to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) applications, wearable technologies, automotive advanced driver-assistance systems, and other innovative wireless device applications. 5G is no different. Launched this year in countries like the US, UK, Singapore, and Australia, the 5G network will likely improve these wireless technologies exponentially, taking POS systems to the next level. As the tech behind the wireless revolution develops, POS systems will evolve and become more streamlined for various use cases and business models.

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