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7 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Employees’ Return to Office

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April 1, 2022

When bringing people back to the office, there are several things you should consider, including how to space workers according to social distancing guidelines and what new safety protocols to implement. Return to office (RTO) is also a great time to think about introducing new technology. This can enhance your business operations and get people excited about returning. Here are seven ways to leverage technology to improve your employees’ RTO experience.

1. Implement Tech That Improves Collaboration

Technology can help promote collaboration, and you’ll want to get everyone on the same page during the RTO process. Upgrading your collaborative equipment is a great way to foster a team culture and encourage people to work together to achieve desired results. You can revamp your conference room for better collaboration by installing new video conferencing tools and audiovisual solutions.

2. Use Digital Signage for Wayfinding and Enhanced Internal Communication

Digital signage can be placed inside and outside of your conference room to display directions and other relevant information. It can be a handy tool for getting people’s attention and conveying information quickly. Additional uses for digital signage include live-streamed video, photos, animated graphics, audio messages, and music. Perhaps most importantly, it can provide wayfinding services—this is especially helpful if you work in a large building with several different floors and offices.

3. Install Sound Masking to Reduce Workspace Noise and Increase Productivity

There’s nothing more aggravating than trying to work over background sounds. Thankfully, sound masking technology exists to reduce workspace noise and help keep people focused. By adhering to the ABCs of acoustics (absorb, block, and cover), you can find the right noise balance for your workspace. These sound masking solutions  can help improve the acoustics of your building.

4. Upgrade Tech For More Efficient and Engaging Corporate Training

Traditional training tech has proven ineffective in more ways than one, prompting many businesses to upgrade their existing tech for an improved experience. Rather than distributing stacks of paper and flyers, they’re relying on solutions like digital signage to display contact details and other relevant business info. You can create and display training videos, live streams, tailored content, and more with digital signage.  Installing digital signage, allows you to focus on creating better, more engaging training materials.

5. Get Onboard With Safety Tech

More people are becoming conscious of work safety protocols. Regular cleanings are now an expectation, and many employees are leaving workspaces that are not sanitized properly. To keep your work environment a safe, productive space for employees, you should upgrade your safety tech. UV light sanitizers are among the best safety tools for businesses, killing microorganisms and harmful bacteria.

It would help to place your UV solutions near digital signage, shared keyboards, payment terminals, and other commonly touched surfaces. UVC units can safely and quickly disinfect your equipment so that you don’t have to clean everything by hand constantly. Thermal imaging kiosks can also help maintain a sanitized environment. These can be used to check temperature and detect symptoms of illness in employees.

6. Install Sensors

Sensors can enable you to take control of your environment, avoid costly disruptions, and digitally transform your organization. Smart sensors possess temperature monitoring capabilities and can detect intrusions, offering peace of mind to everyone in your workspace. Cisco Meraki MT environmental sensors provide full visibility into your work environment and help you safeguard your most valuable IT infrastructure.

While it’s impossible to be everywhere at once—or even monitor everything simultaneously—your sensors can keep watch even when you’re away from the office. This is a great way to maintain control of your workspace and ensure security from both a human and equipment standpoint.

7. Increase Security With Smart Cameras

There are many ways to improve workplace security, and sensors are just one of them. Smart cameras are another helpful tool for keeping tabs on your work environment. They can alert you to suspicious activity and eliminate blind spots. Cisco Meraki’s cloud-based smart cameras \can help you identify threats to take action quickly. Whether working on-site or remotely, you can access a complete view of your workspace to see what’s going on and remain vigilant from afar.

Teksetra’s Got You Covered!

With so many different items to take care of, the RTO process can be stressful. Still, it’s crucial to ensure your tech is in working order so that employees can perform to the best of their abilities in a workspace that’s conducive to productivity. Teksetra offers RTO solutions to help get businesses back on track when bringing employees back to the office. If you’re looking to upgrade your tech, reach out to Teksetra to learn more about how we can help!

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